The Dark Holocron

In Umbris Potestas Est

No Unified Method

Self interest is probably the one unifying glue that knits us into a common group. It just like how Jesus is the unifying glue that knits the assorted sects of … Continue reading

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The Dark Leader

The Dark Side is the essence of Darkness and power. As such, those along its path are touched by its nature and brought to perceive their world in terms of … Continue reading

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I have been doing a great deal of meditating concerning passion and the Force. I believe that most of us are familiar with the “code of the sith” often presented … Continue reading

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Darkness and the Individual

According to some here, the following of the Dark Side would be “only” like a psychological journey, to know yourself, your boundaries, and overcome them by rising above. These are … Continue reading

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Listen. Feel. Be. Overcome.

Take what you will, but leave something in return: Ruin. Chaos. Unfettered with emotion, the sole child of the unity of the Darkness and Emptiness. Take a moment and breathe. … Continue reading

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Who Are They? What Do They Do?

Within another facet of the jewel, there are those of the Darkness. They are the outspoken ones that are in search of power, both over themselves and over others, so … Continue reading

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Chess Board

A recent post by me described how I classify allies and foes on the chessboard of life. Today I would like to discuss the Board itself. Far too many disregard … Continue reading

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